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Two top scoring brands in The Good Shopping Guide have teamed up! Here’s how to get in on the offer.

Organic Seed & Bean, a top ranking chocolate brand with Ethical Accreditation, have launched a partnership with Clipper Teas.

For the next 6-8 months, a customer buying a box of Clipper Green Tea will be able to claim a free Seed and Bean dark chocolate bar.

The on pack details is based on green tea and dark chocolate: ‘leave the biscuits in the tin, a square of dark chocolate and a cup of green tea is the perfect tea break’.

On the inside of your box of green tea, you will find a unique promotion code. Head over to this link and enter your code, along with your details to receive a free bar of chocolate!

Along with the promotion, Organic Seed & Bean have also introduced a nutritionist called Libby Lemon to support and educate on the benefit of these two rather delicious things. She is available to answer questions on detox, dark chocolate, veganuary and how dark chocolate and green tea can leave you feeling sustainably energised. She also answers questions on weight management and long term health and wellbeing: how you can have a healthy kick start to 2018 while still enjoying your chocolate!

Here’s a quote from Clipper on the partnership:

‘We are delighted to find a chocolate brand which shares the same priorities of taste and ethics. Seed and Bean share our dedication to Fairtrade and Organic ingredients, the chocolate is made in England just like our teas and the brand is 100% natural which is something we believe in wholeheartedly. Pure, natural ingredients and a clear conscience! The perfect match in philosophy is bettered only by how delicious the pairing is of our Organic and Fairtrade Green Teas and Seed and Bean’s Dark Chocolate; with the amazing benefit of a healthier tea break.’

To learn more visit the promotion link here.

*For more information on why Seed & Bean and Clipper Teas rank highly on the ethical index, visit the Chocolate and Tea sections of The Good Shopping Guide.

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