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Our Funding

The Good Shopping Guide is run by The Ethical Company Organisation, which is a self-sustaining Limited Company based in the UK, Europe. We are entirely funded through the sale of our research and publications (to individuals, ethical businesses and campaigning NGOs); from research fees relating to Ethical Accreditation membership‍‍‍; and through highly screened sponsorship/advertising on our website/in our publications. Thank you to the tens of thousands of ethical shoppers, local government procurers, ethical businesses and NGOs who have bought our books and thereby provided funding for our important research and publishing work.

We’re constantly working to update existing research, including the tables displayed on this site, as well as provide new ethical research audits across all sectors. Due to the in-depth nature of our research, and the time and money it takes to regularly update and manage The Ethical Company Organisation’s research programme, we have organised a grassroots funding campaign (see below). All of our research is made available for free so that everyone can have equal access to it and make informed, positive purchasing decisions. If you would like to help with keeping the research up-to-date and support further research developments, please feel free to make a donation below.

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