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New to the transition to smart buildings is the latest development by Philips Lighting: a wireless lighting system that could cut energy consumption due to lighting by up to 70%.

Launched first in North America to address existing 15 billion square feet office floor space market, the new wireless lighting system will enable building managers to enjoy smart office benefits sold through ‘Light as a Service’ business model.

At the heart of the new system is what Philips is calling the “InterAct Office”, a network of sensors that gathers granular data (about things like energy use and room occupancy) and triggers the system to switch or dim the lights.

One of the benefits of the new system, besides its promoted positive environmental impact, is its ease of installation.

With Philips InterAct Office, real estate owners don’t have to rip and replace existing cabling. The system uses wireless gateways that connect the lamps and luminaires. Information acquired by sensors in the luminaires (such as light level, occupancy and energy consumed) is encrypted, then processed and stored securely in the cloud and presented to customers in a simple intuitive dashboard. Being cloud-based and modular, the system is highly scalable and can serve multiple locations worldwide.

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