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Plant Based Pet Food: Omni

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Ethical Accreditation, Ethical Shopping Blog

The Good Shopping Guide is pleased to announce that the plant based dog food brand, Omni, has attained our Ethical Brand Award. Omni is the UK’s first plant based meat dog food that aims to provide optimal canine nutrition with a minimal impact on the Environment. 

Omni achieved this award for a variety of reasons, including its strong focus on the Environment. This includes having a comprehensive environmental report, incorporating locally sourced ingredients, recyclable packaging and having products free from both genetic modification and palm oil. Further to this, Omni’s brand ethos is based upon providing plant based dog food options that involve lower carbon emissions, less water usage and less land than traditional meat based dog foods.

 In the process of considering the Environment, Omni has not neglected its focus on Animal Welfare or People-related criteria either. This includes having a robust animal welfare policy alongside product certification from The Vegetarian Society. Omni additionally does not have any public record criticisms relating to Environment, Animals, People or any other areas included in our ethical audit of the brand. This assessment has resulted in achieving both our Ethical Brand Award and a high placement in our Ethical Cat & Dog Food Ratings Table. 

Omni is yet another example of a brand that The Good Shopping Guide is proud to provide our independent Ethical Accreditation Awards to. With its high level of ethical standards across multiple criteria, alongside exploring the growing plant based dog food movement, Omni sets a great example of a brand implementing sustainable and ethical considerations throughout. 

Find out more about Omni on its website:

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