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Premium Pet Food: Pets Deli

by | Jun 26, 2021 | Ethical Accreditation, Ethical Shopping Blog

The Good Shopping Guide is pleased to announce that Pets Deli has attained our Ethical Company Award and maintained a high standing in our Ethical Cat and Dog Food Rating Table for the 2nd consecutive year. Pets Deli is a premium pet food company aiming to provide high-quality ethical food options for dogs and cats. Based in Berlin, Germany, Pets Deli has achieved an impressive collection of ethical credentials and certifications from both German and international awarding bodies, including The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Company Award.

Being a pet-focused company, Pets Deli naturally places a strong emphasis on animal welfare. This includes all products being produced without the need for animal testing by using only proven and approved raw ingredients, as well as ensuring none of its manufacturers accept or commission animal testing. Moreover, Pets Deli also offers various vegan pet food options and has PETA certification, further cementing its staunch commitment to upholding high animal welfare standards.

In addition to this, Pets Deli also considers sustainability and its overall environmental impact to be of the utmost importance. This is evident in the level of care taken to ensure its paper and cardboard packaging is made from FSC certified materials. Furthermore, all packaging materials are certified as recoverable according to PRO Europe’s guidelines and being certified as carbon neutral. To Pets Deli, carbon neutrality entails supporting carbon offsetting projects to compensate for all company emissions caused by production, travel, office supplies, etc. The details of its carbon emissions are carefully monitored via a comprehensive CSR report. Additionally, it has partnered with Plastic Bank in Indonesia, Haiti and the Philippines to provide project funding wherein residents exchange rubbish for money or goods, thus ensuring a clean environment and well-supported community.

In conclusion, Pets Deli is a superb example of a company considering multiple ethical facets throughout its entire operation. The Good Shopping Guide urges other businesses to consider how their actions, both direct and indirect, currently impacts the world around them and how they can also start to create change.


Find out more about Pets Deli on its website:

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