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Pret a Manger is incredibly popular in the UK, and it may become even more popular now that the company is to offer a 50p reusable coffee cup discount. This represents double the discount that Pret previously offered.

Pret announced the increase in its reusable coffee cup discount in effort to support and encourage a reduction in the amount of paper coffee cups discarded as waste. As reported by, “With research showing that an estimated 2.5 billion paper coffee cups are discarded in the UK each year, high-street chains have responded to media and consumer backlash. Pret A Manger’s original discount followed similar schemes from other coffee chain shops”.

While Pret currently offers the greatest discount, other chains are also evolving their policies to encourage less waste and more sustainable behaviour. Starbucks and Costa both offer a 25p reusable coffee cup discount, while the likes of McDonald’s and Caffè Nero have followed by announcing support for a recycling initiative.

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