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It is no coincidence that, according to our latest research on bottled water companies and brands, Aqua Pura, a brand owned by the company Princes, ranks lowest for ethics. Our research has revealed that Princes poor ethical ranking for bottled water is partly for unethical practices elsewhere, including dirty tuna accusations. (Princes is also owned by Mitsubishi Corporation, who is involved in nuclear power, armaments, GM, and animal testing – among other things!)

This is a company that clearly needs to get its act together!

There are ways you can help pressure Princes to change their way of doing business. Avoiding their bottled water brand, Aqua Pura, is one step.

Another step is to avoid purchasing their tinned tuna (as well as John West), and to support the Greenpeace petition against Princes (and John West) use of highly destructive industrial fishing methods.

After heavy public campaigning in 2011, both Princes and John West promised to clean up their act when it comes to their highly destructive fishing techniques. Princes promised to cut out Fish Aggregation Devices (FADs) by the end of this year, but with three months left to go, less than a quarter of their tuna is FAD-Free. And John West promised to clean up their tuna by 2016 – but now Greenpeace is reporting that they want to re-write their promise and keep using FADs.

Sign the petition here, and help us send a strong message to Princes and John West.

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