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You may have seen Procter & Gamble’s heartwarming advertisement campaign on your television screen, entitled ‘Thank You, Mom’. The (full) adverts typically run about 2 minutes long and feature a sequence of shots celebrating of motherhood, ending with the message: ‘The hardest job in the world is the best job in the world … Thank you, Mom’. With the moving music and powerful imagery, it’s hard not to feel touched when watching the video. But despite the feel-good sentiment, there’s another side of the story that you need to see.

Procter & Gamble claims to be a ‘proud sponsor of moms’, but as Greenpeace UK have recently pointed out: P&G is one of the largest buyers of palm oil from companies that are systematically destroying Indonesia’s rainforest, devastating the habitat of the last orangutans (almost to a point beyond repair).

While P&G celebrates the beauty of motherhood in a string of heart-touching adverts, its palm oil suppliers leave many orangutan babies without a mother. In the video posted above, you can see first-hand the devastation caused by Proctor & Gamble’s palm oil producers – the violence and injustice that has been done to the environment and local people.

The dark realities behind P&G’s campaign are not new to the world of Multinationals and as ever, awareness means everything for the engaged citizen. As conscious consumers we can help enforce change by not only letting the company know how you feel and sharing this film with your friends, but also by making choices that support alternatives and contribute to the wellbeing of all species on earth. By being aware of economic, political, and social realities around the world, our choices as consumers and citizens –  to refuse to invest in or purchase from companies that contribute to the depletion of natural resources, harm the earth, or deprive others of their chance to live – can make a real difference.

Participate in the Greenpeace campaign and tell the makers of Head & Shoulders shampoo to stop using dirty palm oil

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