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Ekotex Yoga

This company has gained Ethical Accreditation and is able to display our Ethical Company Award.

United Kingdom
Ethical Health
First Awarded Ethical Accreditation: July 28th 2020

Company Profile

Ekotex Yoga has been awarded Ethical Accreditation membership.  Ekotex Yoga is a family business established in Edinburgh in 2017, by Abbie Sweet.  The company aims to combine high quality and affordable products with respect for both the environment and human rights.  In their shop, you will find ethical, eco-friendly, high-quality yoga equipment.  The majority of their products are made with organic and recycled materials and they have banned plastic wrapping and use only recycled paper.  Social sustainability is as important as environmental sustainability for Ekotex Yoga and from April 2020 all their cotton goods have a GOTS certification which ensures everyone who works on their products is paid fairly and works in a safe environment.

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