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A new report, All that glitters is not gold, warns of human rights abuse and modern slavery in the UK jewellery trade.

It has been estimated that there are 45.8 million people affected by modern slavery practices. The International Labour Organisation estimates that child labour practices affects 152 million children. “There is evidence that the risk affects almost every sector: including: timber, electronics, mining and metals, steel, automobiles, garments and textiles, shipping and transportation, agriculture and seafood”.

Focusing on the jewellery sector, including eight of the major jewellers in the UK, researchers found inadequate reporting among these brands. With many major jewellers failing to publish statements on modern slavery as well as failing to meet appropriate disclosure agreements, there is concern that more needs to be done to address potential cases of modern slavery in the supply chain.

The report also highlights some of the positive practices within the jewellery sector, including the work by some brands, such as Tiffany, toward 100% traceability of diamonds.

Read the report here, or find further summary of its contents here.

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