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Technology giant, Samsung, has committed to use 100% renewable energy by 2020.

Following a year-long Greenpeace campaign, the commitment by Samsung means that factories and offices in the US, Europe, and China will run on 100 percent renewable energy. However, concern remains about facilities elsewhere in the world. As reported in The Verge, “Samsung is only explicitly promising 100 percent renewable energy for 17 of its 38 buildings around the world. It makes no mention of the regional offices in Israel, India, Singapore, and Japan”.

While questions remain, the move is highlighted as the first major commitment by an electronics manufacturing company in Asia, and is being hailed as a potential “game changer”. As Greenpeace reported, public statement released on its website, Samsung committed to:

Adopt 100% renewable energy in the USA, Europe and China, where the company has 17 of its 38 global manufacturing factories, offices and buildings;

Join the CDP supply chain program, which helps to identify and manage climate change risks, to lead change in its supply chain; and,

Install onsite solar and geothermal energy in Gyeonggi province, South Korea where Samsung’s key semiconductor factories are located.

Samsung has yet to release its sustainability report, within which we expect to see more detail about the company’s regional and global plans. Meanwhile, Greenpeace is already refocusing its efforts, with the “key now is to make sure Samsung follows through on this commitment with meaningful actions that actually lead to more renewable energy and expands this same level of ambition to other key regions like Vietnam”.

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