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Shell’s window to drill in the Arctic has just opened. Having spent 3 years trying to get the green light to drill, Obama gave them the go-ahead. But thanks to our engaged readers and the millions of people who support the Greenpeace campaign to get Shell out of the Arctic, regulators have halved their drilling potential.

That’s a start, but there’s still a lot to do.

To be sure, Shell’s profit-hungry bosses would love nothing more than if we put our feet up and looked the other way. But for the sake of the environment, the planet as a whole, and humanity, we cannot let this happen.

Day by day we’re proving their worst fears – that Shell is on the wrong side of history. With constant scrutiny and pressure from millions of people across the world, regulators have already been forced to finally address Shell’s incompetence. Let’s keep it up and pressure them to finally close the Arctic off from exploitation for good.

Please sign this Greenpeace petition. It takes only a moment, and could have a tremendous impact.

Also click here and share the video with your friends and family, asking them to share it as well. Let’s keep spreading word. Together we can be a force of change.

* Courtesy Greenpeace UK.

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