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We’re working as hard as ever to finalise our research in two highly anticipated areas: Mobile Phones and Banking & Finance.

Our latest ethical research on the world’s mobile phone companies and brands should arrive well before Christmas. The big story here has to do with the battle between Samsung and Apple for smartphone supremacy. Which company does the most to protect human rights, animal welfare and the environment? Which company ranks higher overall for ethics? We will provide you with all the info, and reveal the reality behind both brands.

This update will also include a number of  mobile phone and network alternatives!

Once our latest mobile phone research has been released, we will be publishing a large update to the finance and money section of The Good Shopping Guide. In this update we will reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly of Credit Card companies, Insurance companies, Mortgage companies, and Banks. Which high street banks have been heavily invested in fossil fuels? Which have been using your money to exploit the developing world or partake in dodgy lending? How will the UK Co-operative bank rank after all the recent controversy? Some of the results may surprise you.

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