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The inhabitants of the Peruvian Amazon have called on Rainforest Rescue and other campaigners to help them protect the rainforest against plantations. Speculators have recently begun clearing the forest illegally to make room for oil palms. Rainforest rescue has released an urgent call for support to stop the land clearing activities currently taking place.

The environmental organisation writes:

“In recent months …/ life in Peru’s Amazonian lowlands has been marked by fear and turmoil. Corporations have begun with large-scale clear-cutting – initially in secret. The public did not become aware of the situation until September, when local papers broke the news of vast illegal clearings for oil palm plantations on their front pages.

“It gradually came out that around a dozen companies had purchased 60,000 hectares of primary rainforest from the government in Loreto alone. They also requested logging concessions for more than 100,000 hectares in the Loreto and Ucayali regions.”

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