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A new study has been published, revealing microplastic has been found in more than 90% of bottled water. Some of the most popular bottled water brands were included in the research, which entailed 259 bottles from 19 locations spread across nine countries. Of the 11 different brands investigated, scientists found an average of 325 plastic particles for every single litre of water sold. Only 17 bottles of the 259 analysed were contamination free.

The findings have propelled the World Health Organisation to launch an immediate review into the potential risks of drinking plastic, with acknowledgement that the issue has now potentially – or confirmationally – reached levels of systemic concern.

In one bottle of Nestlé Pure Life, concentrations of microplastic were found to be as high as 10,000 plastic pieces per litre of water.

Although the scientists behind the study noted they “found roughly twice as many plastic particles within bottled water” compared with a previous study of tap water, the latter is also now a site for study, as microplastic contamination has been found in tap water in countries throughout the world, with the US evidencing the highest contamination rate.

All of this adds to the increasing pile of evidence that microplastic pollution is pervasive.

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