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Perhaps this is further proof of why it is important to look at the company behind the brand. The Body Shop Foundation has announced that it is ceasing operations, citing “current management of The Body Shop” and the lack of “a shared vision”.

Frequent readers / visitors of The Good Shopping Guide will be well aware that The Body Shop ranks among the LOWEST for ethics, and this is of course tied to L’Oreal group who bought the brand a number of years ago.

It’s a sad ending for The Body Shop Foundation, and it is an equally sad reality continuing to face The Body Shop, a once admired option in the Health & Beauty sector.

So where do we go from here? People who have grown disappointed with The Body Shop’s ethical ranking can rest assured that numerous highly rated alternatives exists. For example, consider the most recent standings in the Skincare section of The Good Shopping Guide. Equally, a long list of high ranking ethical alternatives exists in the Make-up and Shampoo & Conditioner sectors.

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