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The Co-op released its latest CSR report. Impressively, in 2017 the company sourced 100% of its electricity from UK wind farms. But if that is not already a headline making statement, they also revealed that they achieved a 54% reduction in emissions since 2006.

The Co-op’s long-term aim was to halve our direct greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 compared to 2006. Over the course of 11 years, they worked toward the target emission reductions, sucessfully achieving the goal three years ahead of schedule.

The report also outlines numerous other successes when it comes to water, packaging, recyclability and sustainability, animal welfare, Fairtrade and tackling modern slavery. As an example, the Co-op was the first supermarket to sell Fairtrade bananas in the UK andthe first to convert anentire own brand range of hot beverages to Fairtrade. In 2017, they were the first UK retailer to sell and use exclusively Fairtrade cocoa in own-brand products. Moving forward, the company is focusing on the categories which the Fairtrade Foundation says will have the biggest impact on producers: tea, coffee, cocoa,wine, bananas, sugar and flowers.

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