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The UK Co-op has announced that it will end “last-minute” sales of fresh produce, in effort to reduce the amount of edible food going to waste.

As stated by the Co-op, “Every year UK households throw 7 million tonnes of edible food and drink away. That’s £40 a month worth of food and drink thrown away in each home. As a Food retailer, we have our part to play in reducing food waste too”.

Through the company’s partnership with Fareshare, the supermarket chain has already succeeded in donating “millions of meals” as part of their surplus food initiative. Additionally, the company just announced that, as of April 2018, they are working to match local causes with Co-op Food stores to redistribute unsold food as part of their Food Share programme. This plan will help reduce edible food waste and also support local charities.

After a trialing in 50 stores across the UK, we’ve introduced Co-op Food Share programme, where we match Co-op stores with local causes, donating our unsold food.

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