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UK retailers are reporting a marked rise in the sale of re-usable coffee cups.

Argos has cited a 537% increase in re-usable cups sales in December 2017 in comparison to the same month of the previous year. Wilko has cited a 78% increase in sales over recent months, while Robert Dyas has reported a 50% annual increase.

This comes at a time when major cafe’s are introducing re-usable coffee cup discounts and even trialing a disposable cup tax. The idea behind both schemes is to encourage a change in consumer behaviour in attempt to tackle the huge problem of disposable coffee cup waste (2.5bn disposable cups are estimated to enter waste streams every year). Can it be said that the effectiveness of these schemes and also of ongoing awareness-raising campaigns is beginning to crystalise in the form of increased re-usable cup sales? Time will tell. But with growing pressure around the implementation of the “latte levy” among other things, early consumer trends in the UK seem promising.

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