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Vegetarian food brand, Quorn, has begun taking steps to remove black plastic from packaging, “eliminating 297 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic from its supply chain”.

With the aim of achieving significant reduction of non-recyclable plastic waste, the brand has committed to arriving at 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging by 2025.

MORE BIG NEWS! We’re delighted to announce the removal of non-recyclable black plastic in a bid to #ProtectThePlanet

You’ll see our new, clear plastic trays across our chilled range – just Deli trays to go (which we’re working on!) #Environment #Sustainability #UKPlasticsPact— Quorn Foods UK (@QuornFoods) June 6, 2018

The move regarding black plastic follows the 2017 WRAP announcement that such plastics, discernible due to colouring using black pigments, will not be recycled but instead sent to landfill. Many of Quorn’s ready meals use black plastic dishes, prompting the vegetarian food brand to take action:

With the April 2017 WRAP announcement that black plastic was not being recycled by local authorities instead being sent to landfill, the company’s packaging strategy group met to formulate a plan to remove black plastic from its supply chain as quickly as possible.

As a result, Quorn is pleased to announce its ongoing plans to eliminate unrecyclable black plastic from its products. Since April 2018, black plastic has been phased out of the majority of Quorn packaging, including some of its bestselling products such as chilled Quorn Mince and Pieces. In June 2018, in-store packaging of the vast majority of the chilled range will move to white and opaque recyclable plastics. This change will replace 297 tonnes of black plastic with clear and opaque, recyclable alternatives, supporting the WRAP initiative against unsustainable packaging.

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*Quorn currently ranks mid-table in The Good Shopping Guide, with an ethical company index score of 73.

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