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For decades high street banks have been heavily invested in fossil fuels, using your money to drive irreversible climate change and environmental destruction.

From oil, coal and gas to new polluting industries like fracking, big banks are the driving force behind these socially and environmentally disastrous industries.

The question you must ask yourself today is: Would you rather fund a renewable future or a fossil fuel future?

Thanks to Move Your Money, you have the chance to take back control of your savings and choose how they shape the world around you. They’ve just launched a campaign to help you give your bank a simple ultimatum: either they disclose their investments and vow to take your money out of fossil fuels, or you’ll take your money out of their accounts.

By pledging to move your money out of the big 5 and into Good Money if the banks don’t clean up their act, you are joining a growing movement of divestors that are moving their money out of the problem and into the solution.

Don’t let your bank contribute to climate change, sign here.

For a full report on fossil fuels, and to find out how much your bank has invested in fossil fuel extraction, see below or click here:

Courtesy of Move Your Money

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