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The Good Shopping Guide – Ethical Comparison Site

Welcome to the online edition of The Good Shopping Guide! As your ethical comparison site, The Good Shopping Guide reveals the good, the bad, and the ugly of the world’s companies and brands, assisting you in choosing more eco-friendly, ethical products that support the growth of social responsibility and ethical business as well as a more sustainable, just society.

In the current economic context, we all must spend money and purchase basic goods. But by supporting the “redirection of the flow of capital” to ethically rated businesses which do not lobby against progressive climate or social-economic policies, which do not partake in deforestation or human rights abuses, and which do not support “profit over human and environmental flourishing”, we can assist in the transition to a more just social world. This is especially important as businesses get bigger and corporate influence increases, often assuming more power than the state (at the cost of democracy). The importance of individuals’ brand choices has therefore never been so clear: by choosing to buy from ethical and avoid irresponsible companies, we can minimise the damage that we do to the world around us today and help promote and establish a healthier relationship between ethics and business for a better world tomorrow.

Most of us are now aware of our carbon footprint, but we should also know that we leave an ethical footprint every time we shop. Each purchase supports activities throughout the supply chain and beyond; activities that may include animal testing, unfair trade in developing countries, human rights abuses, or investment in weapons and fossil fuels.

The Good Shopping Guide exposes many of these connections, listing the level of corporate social responsibility of the companies behind hundreds of everyday products. It reveals which brands are implicated in abuses such as child labour, human rights violations, green-washing and environmental destruction in the UK and worldwide – and also shows which companies are deserving of your support.

We believe that one key to a progressive 21st century lies in the persuasive power of the choices you make within the current ecomony, as a way of supporting steps out of that economy. The Good Shopping Guide shows you how to channel your spending power towards only the most responsible companies. Thank you to Oxfam, Friends of the Earth, Survival International, Good Energy, Christian Aid and a host of other NGOs and ethical companies for your support and help with this edition.

You can learn more about The Good Shopping Guide, our ethical accreditation scheme, what is ethical shopping, and how to use this site by visiting the links below:

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