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The Cat & Dog Food section of The Good Shopping Guide is a busy one. Over the years the list of companies to score highly for ethics has doubled, with a total of nineteen brands now receiving a 75 or higher on the ethical index. This means there are a number of ethical options for pet owners.

Joining the list is Beco Pets, who was recently included in our ethical comparison rankings for pet food brands. In addition to being included in our research, Beco was also awarded a terrific 85 ECI and successfully attained ethical accreditation.

Beco Pets offer a range of innovative, affordable and eco-friendly pet products including toys, bowls and accessories. Wherever possible, they use natural, renewable or recyled materials and pride themselves on a responsible approach to manufacturing. They have recently launched a range of natural dog food using fresh, sustainabily sourced ingredients which are free from grains, preservatives, additives and meat derivatives.

As an ethically accredited company, we highly recommend pet owners consider Beco products.

If you would like to learn more, review our latest research and see why Beco ranks so highly.

You can support Beco by following them on Twitter (@BecoPets). Also visit their website, where you can purchase a number of products directly.

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