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Ethical Pet Food: Naturaw

The Good Shopping Guide, June 21 2019

Naturaw delivers real dog food to your door!  Made using high welfare meats and packed in biodegradable packaging, Naturaw only includes fresh, natural, raw food – with no processed ingredients or unnecessary fillers. The UK based company, uses human-grade British meat - working closely with local farmers, gamekeepers and butchers to ensure the hig...

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Ethical Shopping Blog

Ethical Pet Supplements: Broadreach Nature+

The Good Shopping Guide, May 20 2019

Broadreach Nature+ has been re-awarded independent Ethical Accreditation. The company is committed to the Health and Well-being of Pets by not only offering the best possible natural products for animals, but because they care about the environment and want to leave as light a footprint on it as possible.

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Ethical Shopping Blog

Ethical Dog Food: Goood Holland

The Good Shopping Guide, April 17 2019

We recently announced new ethical dog food brand Goood in the UK and Germany had attained Ethical Accreditation and we can now confirm that Goood in Holland has also become Accredited, following an in-depth ethical audit by The Ethical Company Organisation. Goood is a sustainable, premium dog food made with natural ingredients which are grain-free...

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Ethical Shopping Blog

14th successive year of Ethical Accreditation for plant-based food pioneer VBites!

The Good Shopping Guide, April 1 2019

VBites is a pioneer of plant-based food, which launched back in 1993 – long before the recent boom in veganism. VBites manufacture a wide range of plant-based alternatives to meat, fish and dairy.  The company is focused on delivering delicious and healthy substitutes which offer all of the taste and texture of meat, fish and dairy products, but wi...

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Ethical Shopping Blog

Home & Roost: Ethical Award

The Good Shopping Guide, March 14 2019

Home & Roost sells wooden hutches and runs for rabbits and other pets and has recently been re-awarded Ethical Accreditation from The Ethical Company Organisation. Home & Roost promotes better welfare standards for pet ownership, by educating pet owners about supplying larger living environments for their pets.  All their wooden pet houses are manu...

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