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Is Alcatel an ethical mobile phone brand?

The Good Shopping Guide has researched and rated Alcatel, a mobile phone company owned by TCL Technology Group Corporation. Alcatel appears on our Mobile Phones: Ethical Comparison Ratings Table, where you can compare its Ethical Score to other mobile phone brands. Unfortunately, Alcatel does not yet meet our Ethical Benchmark, and so is not eligible for Ethical Accreditation, however, we encourage all brands to apply and receive tailored advice on ESG and CSR policies to improve business ethics.

Read more about Ethical Mobile Phones and the issues of sustainability and consideration of the Environment, Animals and People in this sector.

Why does Alcatel receive a poor Ethical Rating from The Good Shopping Guide?

Alcatel’s parent company, TCL, publishes an ESG Report, but it is not very detailed on environmental issues. It also lacks measurable targets.

The panel manufacturing plant of TCL came under criticism after media reports stated that the factory continued to run at full capacity despite a documented coronavirus case and hundreds of employees exhibiting fever symptoms. Media reports state that despite the risk of viral spread, manufacturing workers must put in extra time and labour under strenuous conditions to keep the panel production line running. Some workers stated that the burden is double what it usually is. Unidentified frontline engineer: “We have reached both our physical and psychological limits.”

Alcatel and TCL both do not publish a Code of Conduct, which is a document written to protect the rights of workers at all points in the supply chain.

Does Alcatel score well in any of our Ethical Ratings categories?

Alcatel and TCL have not been found to be investing in the Nuclear industry, Armaments, make Political Donations, or have any Animal Welfare criticisms levelled against them. TCL also has an ECOLOGO certification.

How could Alcatel improve its Ethical Rating?

Alcatel should improve its Code of Conduct and its Environmental Report. This kind of reporting ensures that mobile phone brands are held to account for their actions.

If your mobile phone brand values ethics and sustainability, why not check out The Good Shopping Guide‘s Ethical Accreditation? Increase customer and investor confidence and stand out from the greenwash.

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