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How ethical and sustainable is Alpro? 

The Ethical Vegan Milk Ratings Table from The Good Shopping Guide lists Alpro as a brand of plant-based milk. Alpro falls short of our ethical standard, but we are hopeful that the firm will improve in the future to operate in a more ethical manner. By applying for Ethical Accreditation, which would involve a more thorough evaluation and recommendations for ethical reform, Alpro would be able to increase consumer confidence.

Visit The Good Shopping Guide to Ethical Vegan Milk for additional details regarding the value of organic milk. Afterward, contrast it with other products in our table of Ethical Vegan Milk Ratings.

What does Alpro do?

Alpro is a brand known for its vegan milk products, it began in 1973 when they started curating a soya-based drink which was later launched in 1979 in Belgium. Alpro sells a large range of plant-based products including protein drinks, desserts and yoghurt alternatives as well as its best-selling dairy-free milk.

For which criteria does Alpro perform poorly? 

Alpro receives a low rating for its Public Record and Animal Welfare policies. The brand’s parent company, Danone, is responsible for the issue of animal welfare; PETA who have criticised Danone for continuing to permit the dehorning of calves which are classed as ‘painful mutilations’ created a petition to ban this practice. Danone also donated over £47k to US political election cycles, earning the business a medium score for political donations.

Past Criticisms of Alpro’s ethical record

Alpro receives criticism due to its parent company Danone. A report from Break Free From Plastic listed Danone as one of the world’s top plastic polluters. Talking Trash also released a report criticising Danone for misleading the public on its commitment to waste reduction, read more on this here.

In what areas does Alpro score well for its ethics?

Alpro receives a high rating for its usage of fossil fuels, GMOs, organic milk, and environmental report. On its 2030 goals page, Danone includes a list of objectives and the steps the company has taken to realise that goal. Alpro also explains that there is no use of GMOs in its products on its Frequently Asked Questions page.

Alpro’s entire range is certified by The Vegan Society.

How can Alpro improve its ethical rating?

The three criteria of the Environment, People, and Animals are used by The Good Shopping Guide to determine a brand’s Ethical Rating. (Find out more information about our research methodology here.)

Alpro could submit an application for Ethical Accreditation for more detailed suggestions on how to improve. This tailored environmental and sustainability advice and consultancy is part of our Ethical Accreditation scheme, which encourages brands to always strive for higher ethical business standards.

By eradicating all animal research and testing from Danone’s goods, Alpro may improve its rating and satisfy our basic ethical requirements.

Why not check out The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation if you work for or with a vegan milk company that places ethics high on its priority list? Contact us to learn more, or complete our short form for an initial evaluation to get the process started.

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