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Beauty Without Cruelty

How ethical is Beauty Without Cruelty?

Beauty Without Cruelty is a make-up brand, and has successfully passed The Good Shopping Guide’s ethical benchmark. The brand receives a relatively high Good Shopping Guide ethical score in our Ethical Make Up Ratings Table and therefore passes our ethical benchmark as a good ethical brand.

We encourage other companies in the Make Up sector to follow Beauty Without Cruelty’s example and adopt more ethical policies and practices.

The Story Behind Beauty Without Cruelty

Born in London in 1908, Muriel, The Lady Dowding, was  committed to protecting animal rights throughout her life and helped to produce cruelty-free cosmetics. She led a campaign in the 1950s to persuade the leaders of the cosmetics business to alter their policies on the use of animal ingredients, which included the widespread usage of musk from musk deer and spermaceti from whales. As a result of this failing, she founded the Beauty Without Cruelty Cosmetics company out of her desire to offer a positive alternative.

In what areas does Beauty Without Cruelty perform well? 

Beauty Without Cruelty performs well across all categories of our research, receiving good scores for Animal Welfare in particular (as the brand’s name might suggest). Its products are certified by the Leaping Bunny/ Cruelty Free International certification.

Beauty Without Cruelty also displays The Vegan Society’s logo on some of its products, and mentions its membership in its ‘About’ information in its website.

Other key achievements include the brand’s long history of fighting the use of animal parts and products, such as musk and whale spermaceti (the waxy substance in the heads of some whale species). Beauty Without Cruelty’s products are also free from many toxic ingredients, or ingredients about which not enough is known to include in make up!

How to achieve Ethical Accreditation

To achieve our Ethical Accreditation, Beauty Without Cruelty could gain Organic-accreditation; using organic ingredients is crucial to ensuring no harm is done to farmers, local communities, wildlife and fragile ecosystems. To find out more about this brand, see the Beauty Without Cruelty website.

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