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Califia Farms

How ethical is Califia Farms?

Califia Farms is a brand ethically reviewed by The Good Shopping Guide. The brand receives an excellent Good Shopping Guide Ethical Score in our Vegan Milk Ethical Ratings Table and therefore passes our Ethical Benchmark as an ethical plant milk brand. However, the brand is yet to be Ethically Accredited.

Califia Farms’ position in comparison to other brands in the Ethical Vegan Milk category is displayed in the Vegan Milk Ethical Ratings Table. It can be beneficial for you to learn more about the requirements a brand must achieve in order to meet our basic ethical standards.

The Good Shopping Guide urges all brands to seek Ethical Accreditation in order to follow the example set by our top-rated brands.

For more information on Vegan Milk and the ethical issues this business is dealing with, see our article on Ethical Vegan Milk. Consumers need to be aware of the ethical conundrums posed by the foods and drinks we eat, from the deforestation prompted by plant milk to Blackstone’s investment in Oatly.

What does Califia Farms do?

In 2010, Greg Steltenpohl founded Califia Farms with the goal of making juice goods. The business quickly expanded into plant-based milk, creamers, coffees, and other food items.

The company, which gets its name from California, the owner’s place of origin, is well known for its unusual packaging.

In what areas does Califia Farms perform well? 

The brand received a top rating in a number of our assessment areas such as Environmental Reports, Animal Welfare, Political Donations, and Fairtrade Coffee products.

How could Califia Farms rate higher on our Ethical Vegan Milk Ratings Tables? 

Due to its high ranking, Califia Farms is eligible for Ethical Accreditation from The Good Shopping Guide. To improve its score further, the brand should invest its efforts in obtaining this status and improving its Organic product range. Once Ethical Accreditation has been awarded, Califia Farms will then be able to get a full top score on our Ratings Table.

Your line of vegan milk might benefit from Ethical Accreditation. To discover the other businesses that have earned this certification for ethics and sustainability, visit our Ratings Tables. Please fill out our short initial evaluation form or get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding this sustainability and ethics certification.

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