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Camden Town Brewery

Is Camden Town Brewery an ethical beer, lager and cider brand?

Camden Town Brewery is a London-based brewery which has been owned by AB InBev since 2015. Unfortunately, within The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Beer, Lager and Cider sector, Camden Town Brewery is a below-benchmark brand due to its low score.

The Good Shopping Guide still advises Camden Town Brewery to apply for Ethical Accreditation even though it has not yet met our benchmark. The Good Shopping Guide would offer it an evaluation and some tips on how to make ethical improvements to its brand.

To find out how other popular brands within the Ethical Beer, Lager and Cider sector compare against Camden Town Brewery, have a look at the Beer, Lager and Cider Ethical Ratings Table. From our Ratings Table you can find out more about the criteria that a brand needs to meet to achieve becoming a top-rated brand.

All companies are encouraged by The Good Shopping Guide to follow in the footsteps of our above benchmark brands and begin introducing more sustainable practices.

What does Camden Town Brewery receive a top rating for?

Camden Town Brewery is awarded a top score for The Good Shopping Guide for the Environmental Report category, due to AB InBev’s detailed sustainability plan.

To find out more about how we rate brands, have a look at our research criteria.

What does Camden Town Brewery receive a bottom rating for?

Unfortunately, Camden Town Brewery receives a bottom rating for Public Record Criticisms. As You Sow’s Corporate Plastic Pollution Scorecard ranks companies on plastic packaging pollution. The study measured the progress of 50 large companies on six core pillars where action is needed to reduce plastic pollution including reusable packaging and support for recycling. AB InBev received a low grade of D-.

What should Camden Town Brewery do to improve its score? 

Camden Town Brewery’s low rating within The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Beer, Lager and Cider sectors is the result of a calculation of multiple ethical criteria. To see its score rise, The Good Shopping Guide recommends that Camden Town Brewery applies for Ethical Accreditation. If it applied, we would give Camden Town Brewery some advice on how to improve upon its bottom ratings which would help its position rise on the Beer, Lager and Cider Ethical Ratings Table.

Did you know that your Beer, Lager and Cider brand could benefit from Ethical Accreditation? Our accredited brands are easily recognised by consumers as ethical companies to shop with. The Good Shopping Guide’s Ratings Tables can show you which other brands within the Ethical Beer, Lager and Cider sectors have been awarded our ethics and sustainability logo.

Contact us if you would like more information on how your brand can cut through the greenwash, or complete a rapid initial sustainability assessment form.

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Ethical Rating


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  • Political Donations



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