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Are Camper shoes sustainable and ethically made?

Camper is a shoe brand, which makes colourful boots, heels, sandals and trainers, often in rounded, chunky, ‘bubble’ designs. It is owned by Ruralmed S.L.U.

Camper has been rated and researched for its brand ethics, sustainability and CSR policies, relating to the Environment, Animals and People. Unfortunately, Camper misses our Ethical Benchmark on the Shoes & Trainers: Ethical Comparison Ratings Table, meaning that this brand is not yet eligible for Ethical Accreditation. We encourage all brands to apply for Ethical Accreditation with The Good Shopping Guide, as our research team will conduct an even deeper investigation into the brand’s ethics, in order to offer tailored advice on sustainability, ethics and CSR.

Want to know more about the ethical issues faced by the Shoes and Trainers industry? Read our full Ethical Shoes and Trainers sector report here.

About Camper

The first sewing machines were introduced to the island of Mallorca in 1877 by Antonio Fluxà, a cobbler, along with a mechanised method of producing shoes. Camper was established in 1975 by Lorenzo Fluxà, the grandson of Antonio Fluxà.

Is Camper sustainable? What is this brand’s environmental impact?

Camper has a Sustainability Commitments page which contains targets, such as eliminating all “virgin plastics” from uppers and linings by 2025. Camper also says that it is currently Carbon Neutral in Scope 1 & 2 (the aspects of the business most directly related to Camper; Scope 3 accounts for wider supply chains). Camper is aiming for Net Zero by 2050. For this, Camper gets a good Ethical Rating in the Environmental Report category.

However, when it comes to Sustainable Materials, Camper gets a much lower rating. Numerous Camper items are constructed using recycled Ortholite footbeds. Only 5% of recycled rubber was used to create these items, according to the Ortholite website (it is unclear what the rest is made from). Other items may use recycled or sustainable materials in smaller amounts (such as 30% sugarcane or 75% recycled polyester), but these percentages are insufficient to merit a perfect score in our Sustainable Materials research area.

Are Camper shoes Vegan?

No, unfortunately, we cannot verify that Camper’s shoes are Vegan. Though, Camper has products which are described as ‘non-leather’ there are none explicitly labelled as Vegan.

As for Animal Welfare, this brand has a robust policy on leather which appears to be the company’s only animal or animal-by-product material.

Camper and Human Rights

As for Human Rights and a Code of Conduct to protect workers’ rights, no information is currently available (at the time of writing this article), but The Good Shopping Guide has reached out to this company to find out more information. We encourage all companies to make this kind of ethical information available to the public. Camper is also not a member of any trading scheme to protect workers’ rights, such as the ETI, FLA or Fairtrade.

How could Camper improve its Ethical Ratings?

Camper could improve its Ethical Ratings on our Shoes & Trainers: Ethical Comparison Ratings Table by manufacturing and selling more shoes made from Sustainable Materials. Its Ethical Rating would also be improved and its position on our Ratings Table increased if it were to make and sell Vegan shoes.

If your shoes and trainers brand values ethics and sustainability, why not check out The Good Shopping Guide‘s Ethical Accreditation? Increase customer and investor confidence and stand out from the greenwash.

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