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Charlie Banana

How ethical is Charlie Banana?

Charlie Banana is a brand of nappies which has been given a below-benchmark score on The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Nappies Ratings Table. Although it has not yet met our ethical benchmark, we hope to see Charlie Banana make progress in future.

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What does Charlie Banana do?

Charlie Banana is a brand of reusable cloth nappies. The brand is owned by The Procter & Gamble Company.

In which areas does Charlie Banana perform poorly?

On its website, The Procter and Gamble Company has a section titled Structure and Governance. The page includes information about its political involvement and lobbying activity. As its donations are above our threshold, Charlie Banana gets a bottom rating for Political Donations. Charlie Banana was marked down under our criteria for Animal Welfare as Procter & Gamble confirms that it does test on animals when required by law.

Charlie Banana was also marked down under our criteria for Organic products and Vegetarian/Vegan products due to a lack of certification, and for Fossil Fuels as Procter & Gamble owns several fossil fuel plants.  It also gets a bottom rating for Irresponsible Marketing due to ongoing lawsuits relating to allegations of carcinogenic contaminants in its Old Spice antiperspirant sprays.

Find out more about how we rate by exploring our ethical criteria.

Past Criticisms of Charlie Banana’s record

Procter & Gamble has been named as one of the companies sourcing palm oil from suppliers allegedly controlled by the Harita Group, responsible for ongoing destruction of forests and indigenous communities in Borneo. Procter & Gamble also scored Ethical Consumer’s worst rating for its use of palm oil.

In which areas does Charlie Banana score well for its ethics?

Charlie Banana receives a high score for its Environmental Report, as Procter and Gamble has an Environmental Sustainability page on its website which contains information and targets for the environmental topics of water, climate, packaging and forestry.

How can Charlie Banana improve its ethical rating?

The below-benchmark score that Charlie Banana is awarded is the result of an evaluation of multiple ethical criteria. To reach our minimum benchmark score and qualify for Ethical Accreditation, Charlie Banana has some issues to resolve including its funding of Fossil Fuels. Find out more about how we rate.

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