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Chocolate and Love

Are Chocolate and Love an ethical brand?

Founded by married couple Richard and Birgitte O’Conner in 2010, Chocolate and Love receives an excellent score on our Ethical Chocolate Ratings Table and is one of The Good Shopping Guide’s leading brands. As it boasts a high score, it passes our ethical benchmark as a good, ethical brand. Chocolates and Love sells a range of different flavoured chocolates such as pomegranate, coffee, peppermint and sea salt. Their products are packaged in colourful, yet fully biodegradable paper wrappers.

We encourage other companies within the Chocolate sector to follow Chocolate and Love’s good example and become more ethical in their practices.
 In which areas do Chocolate and Love score well?

Passing almost all of our criteria with a high score, Chocolate and Love is highly rated across our categories for Fairtrade, Animal Welfare and Public Record Criticisms. Chocolate and Love encourage other brands to choose Fairtrade products as they can help farmers to improve their communities, become more resilient to climate change and educate their children.

On its website, Chocolate and Love shares information about its care for the environment and being organic, as well as having a dedicated page for Our Planet.

As a brand which offers Fairtrade chocolate and vegan chocolate, The Good Shopping Guide has been able to confidentially give Chocolate and Love a top score for these categories. Chocolate and Love state that it is important to the brand that it produces chocolate that has been ethically sourced. Chocolate and Love source its cocoa beans from Fairtrade-certified cooperatives in Peru, The Dominican Republic, Panama and Madagascar.

Where is there room for improvement? 

In order to receive Ethical Accreditation, Chocolate and Love need only to apply.  The Good Shopping Guide would provide a full review of the brand’s ethical policies and practices and if it passes would be awarded The Good Shopping Guide’s ethical logo. This logo certifies a brand’s ethical status and allows consumers the confidence to recognise whether a brand is
ethical or not.

You can find out more about Ethical Chocolate and how other brands score against Chocolate and Love in our Ethical Chocolate Ratings Tables.

Why not get in contact to learn more about Ethical Accreditation or complete our initial assessment form if your ethical chocolate brand, company, or product could benefit from receiving an ethics and sustainability certification?

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  • Public Record Criticisms


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