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Deeside Mineral Water

How ethical and sustainable is Deeside Mineral Water?

Deeside Mineral Water is a Bottled Water brand ethically scored by The Good Shopping Guide Deeside scores above our Ethical Benchmark for this sector. The brand also ranks in the top fraction in most of our research categories.

If Deeside Mineral Water proposed they should be awarded Ethical Accreditation, we would be willing to consider awarding it that status. By doing this Deeside Mineral Water would be given recommendations on how to improve further as well as see the benefits being Ethically Accredited brings.

What is Deeside Mineral Water and what does it do?

Deeside Mineral Water, which dates to 1245, was created in the Scottish countryside. In the Cairngorms National Park, springs on Pannanich Hill provide Deeside Mineral Water.

The Pannanich Wells was first documented in 1245, and they gained notoriety in the 1760s when a local woman is said to have been healed of scrofula by “drinking and bathing in the water.” The ‘healing water’ attracted visitors from all around, who came to try it for themselves.

Where does Deeside Mineral Water score well as a brand ethically?

Deeside scores in the top number of brands in most of our assessment categories such as Animal Welfare, Armaments, Genetic Modification, and Public Record Criticisms. This is encouraging to see a bottled water brand taking the environment, ethics, and sustainability seriously.

How can Deeside Mineral Water improve its ethical rating?

The Good Shopping Guide uses numerous assessment areas to determine if a brand is considered ethical and suitable for Ethical Accreditation. These criteria are used to calculate Deeside’s scores across all of its surveyed areas. To continue improving its Ethical Rating, the business could apply for Ethical Accreditation and acquire that status.

Ethical, Environmental, and Sustainable Certification for Bottled water

Why not look into The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation if you work for or are the owner of a business that sells Ethical Bottled Water? Receive tailored advice and recommendations on ethics and sustainability in the CSR sector, and submit your application to utilise our prestigious Ethical Mark. Simply fill out our brief Sustainability and Ethics Application form to get started.

Ethical performance in category


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Ethical Rating


  • Environmental Report


  • Genetic Modification


  • Nuclear Power


  • Fossil Fuels



  • Animal Welfare



  • Armaments


  • Political Donations



  • Ethical Accreditation


  • Public Record Criticisms


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