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How ethical is Dragonfly?

Dragonfly is a small Tea brand owned by Tea Times Trading Ltd. that is one of The Good Shopping Guide’s top-rated ethical brands. The brand receives a high Good Shopping Guide ethical  score in our Ethical Tea Ratings Table and passes our ethical benchmark to be considered a good ethical brand. We encourage other companies in the Tea sector to follow the example that Dragonfly has set and operate with more ethical policies. For more information on the importance of Ethical Tea visit The Good Shopping Guide to Ethical Tea and compare it to other brands in our Ethical Tea Ratings Table.

What does Dragonfly do?

Dragonfly was founded by Bruce Ginsberg, a fourth-generation tea maker. This British tea brand is a family-run business now being operated by Bruce’s daughter Georgia. Dragonfly Tea was among the first to bring green, white, rooibos tea and spiced speciality teas to the UK market. Read more on how Dragonfly became the ethical tea brand that it is today.

In what areas does Dragonfly perform well? 

Dragonfly performs well in regard to its Environmental Report, GMO usage and Organic products. The brand has a strong sustainability page, especially for a brand of its size; the page details the company’s aim to maintain quality and transparency as well as information on the recyclable and biodegradable aspects of its products. The sustainability page also includes a Non-GMO policy.

The organic tea sold by this brand is certified by the Organic Food Federation and includes this logo on its products. Dragonfly currently has no public record criticisms or any links to Nuclear issues, Political Donations or Armaments.

How could Dragonfly rate higher on our Ethical Tea Ratings Tables? 

Due to its high score, Dragonfly is eligible for Ethical Accreditation from The Good Shopping Guide. Ethical Accreditation would be a good next step for this brand as it gives the brand a certificate to further authenticate its efforts to become an ethical brand. This authentication will increase customer confidence in the brand. Dragonfly could improve its score further by producing products that are Fairtrade.

Does your tea company have a certification proving its dedication to ethics and sustainability? If not, please complete our initial evaluation form to find out if your brand is eligible for The Good Shopping Guide’s acclaimed Ethical Accreditation.

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