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How ethical and sustainable is Dune? 

A British shoe manufacturer and shop researched and rated by The Good Shopping Guide is Dune London. Children’s, adult, and women’s shoes, as well as fashion accessories, are all part of its product line. Dune has reached our Ethical Benchmark, and is therefore considered a good, ethical and sustainable shoe brand  for ethical consumers and shoe shoppers!

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About Dune

Daniel Rubin established Dune in 1992.  His grandfather immigrated to the UK from Lithuania in 1895 and worked as a shoemaker. He established a workshop in London’s Whitechapel with the help of his three sons. It started off as a little concession stand on Oxford Street in London. Dune has approximately 350 shop locations worldwide as of 2022.

Are Dune’s shoes made ethically and sustainably?

Dune has a brief Responsibility page which links to other sustainability-related pages. This includes a Carbon Footprint page (with a Net Zero goal) and a Products page (with a goal relating to the responsible use of leather). Although the information on the pages is brief, this company is not a very large one, and does have two specific environmental targets so receives a high rating for its Environmental Report.

Dune only has two products made with sustainable materials within a very large product range; this is not enough to warrant a high rating for using Sustainable Materials.

Are Dune’s shoes Vegan?

No, Dune does not currently make or sell Vegan shoes, trainers, boots or sandals.

Is Dune Cruelty-Free?

Dune’s Animal Welfare Policy is clear on its stance on fur, leather, & endangered species, and so a top rating is given in this research category. The Policy states that, “We do not use real fur from equine animals and no animals are solely killed to produce leather for our footwear and handbags.” Additionally, Dune London also states that, “All our factories comply with our standards of quality and welfare of the animals. We are committed to making sure our products are from fair and ethical sources. All suppliers must be socially responsible when using animal products….Dune London do not use products from endangered species on the CITES or IUCN list.”

Is Dune’s Code of Conduct of a good standard?

Yes, Dune’s Code of Conduct is thorough, and is comprehensive and clear on the rights of workers right across various scopes of the business, and details the Labour Governance that aims to keep this brand’s supply chain ethical.

How could Dune improve its Ethical Rating?

Dune could improve its excellent score and rise even further up our Ethical Shoes and Trainers Ratings Table by applying for Ethical Accreditation, which would result in an even more thorough ethical investigation by The Good Shopping Guide. Dune should also look to producing and selling Vegan products, made with sustainable materials.

If your shoes and trainers brand values ethics and sustainability, why not check out The Good Shopping Guide‘s Ethical Accreditation? Increase customer and investor confidence and stand out from the greenwash.

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