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Is Glossier an ethical brand?

Glossier, a make up and skincare brand appears on The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Make Up Ratings Table. The brand receives a low Good Shopping Guide ethical score in our Ethical Make Up Ratings Table and therefore does not pass our Make Up sector benchmark.

Glossier was founded in 2014 by American businesswoman, Emily Weiss, who had been blogging on the site Into The Gloss since 2010. Glossier became famous for its appeal to millennials and for its ‘simple’ and minimalistic product packaging design.

More information about Glossier

Entrepreneur Emily Weiss is from the United States. She is the creator and former CEO of the blog Into the Gloss as well as the cosmetics company Glossier. In September 2010, Weiss launched Into the Gloss, a site that mostly features interviews with women. Weiss began approaching venture financiers in 2014 with ideas for growth, such as a prospective e-commerce site that would be curated by Into the Gloss. With the assistance of venture capitalist Kirsten Green, the head of San Francisco-based Forerunner Ventures, Weiss was eventually able to get $2 million in seed funding. Weiss hired a small team and launched with the help of this initial financing. On July 17, 2019, Glossier launched GlossiWEAR.

Is Glossier a sustainable brand?

Glossier’s Environmental Report does leave a little to be desired and could be improved. A Glossier blog post titled “Commitment to Sustainability” mentions some packaging initiatives, but The Good Shopping Guide encourages all brands to publish a thorough report with progress tracking and goals to reduce carbon emissions, waste, plastic usage and fossil fuels. For such a popular and successful brand that is targeted at millennials and digital natives, it is even more important to publish sustainability considerations. Millennials and other younger generations are the consumer groups most passionate about sustainability, vegan products, environmentalism and transparency in supply chains.

Is Glossier Cruelty-Free?

Glossier has been rated well for its Animal Welfare Policy (can be found in the FAQ section of the brand’s website). Glossier has attained Cruelty Free International’s Leaping Bunny accreditation. This achievement validates Glossier’s commitment to animal rights and prevents caged animals from being experimented on for the cosmetic industry.

Are Glossier skincare products organic?

To achieve our Ethical Accreditation, Glossier should also look to gain an Organic-certification, such as from The Soil Association. Organic ingredients are grown with herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, or other harmful agrochemicals that can cause great environmental damage. We encourage Glossier to keep striving for ethical excellence, and to fully protect the Environment, Animals and People.

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