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Good Earth

How ethical and sustainable is Good Earth?

Good Earth is an established tea brand and features on our Ethical Tea Ratings Table. However, Good Earth still has a long road ahead until The Good Shopping Guide will grant Ethical Accreditation. However, we expect to see developments in the brand’s ethics and sustainability policy in the near future.

To find out more about the issues of ethics and sustainability that the tea sector faces, read our article on Ethical Tea.

What is Good Earth and what does it do?

Established in the 1970s Good Earth was born in Santa Cruz. The team created many flavours of tea and bubbly kombucha products. The brand was one of the first American herbal tea companies. Good Earth’s tea blends are made with high-quality ingredients. The brand claims to make sure it is doing the best it can ‘to make sure the planet is happy too. Because it’s the right thing to do.’ (Claims such as these demonstrate why it’s vital that organisations such as The Good Shopping Guide exist to fact-check these statements, so consumers aren’t solely relying on brand marketing and greenwashing.)

Where does Good Earth score well as a brand ethically?

Good Earth ranks highly in our Animal Welfare category of ethical assessment. This means that the brand has no claims of animal cruelty or animal testing launched against it, and found to be true.

How can Good Earth improve its Ethical Rating?

There is still a lot of potential for growth at Good Earth. The company needs to reform in order to better represent its views on issues including the availability of certified organic and Fairtrade products, its support for Nuclear power, Genetic Engineering, and Political Donations. This brand’s owner, the Tata group, actively supports nuclear power and employs it in the manufacturing of its goods. The business also blatantly endorses and is exploring the use of genetic alteration in its products.

Ethical Accreditation and Ethical Tea companies: Sustainability & Ethics Certifications

There are numerous ethical and sustainable tea brands available, and therefore Good Earth needs to change its business practices to be eligible for The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation and compete with other ethical tea brands. The tea companies that have earned this certification for business sustainability and ethics can be seen in our Ethical Tea Ratings Table. Why not get in contact to learn more about Ethical Accreditation if you own or work for a tea company where ethics truly matters? To get started with your journey toward Ethical accreditation, complete our short assessment form.

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