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Grumpy Mule

How ethical is Grumpy Mule?

Grumpy Mule is one of The Good Shopping Guide’s well-rated ethical coffee brands. Grumpy Mule is owned by Bewley’s Coffee Ltd and receives an above benchmark Good Shopping Guide ethical score in our Ethical Coffee Ratings Table and as a result, it meets our ethical standard as a good ethical coffee brand. The Good Shopping Guide encourages other brands within the coffee sector to look at how Grumpy Mule operates and follow its example to act more ethically within its policies and practices.

For more information on the organic coffee industry, see The Good Shopping Guide to Ethical Coffee. You can compare Grumpy Mule to other brands in our Ethical Coffee Rating Table.

What does Grumpy Mule do?

Grumpy Mule was founded in 2006 in Meltham, Yorkshire with a focus on producing organic coffee that operates sustainably. The brand has achieved many Great Taste Awards in the past years and produces certified Fairtrade coffee using organic coffee beans. Read more about the brand’s values and story here. Grumpy Mule has been owned by international coffee brand Bewley’s Coffee Ltd. since 2013.

In what areas does Grumpy Mule perform well? 

Grumpy Mule performs well, the brand was marked up under our criteria for producing Organic coffee and a majority of the products that it sells are Fairtrade. The brand has no links to any Political Donations which means they are unaffiliated with any government policies or actions. The brand also has no criticisms or issues in terms of Animal Welfare.

How could Grumpy Mule rate higher on our Ethical Coffee Ratings Tables? 

Due to Grumpy Mule’s above benchmark score, it is eligible for The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation, this would be especially beneficial to this brand due to the values that it prides itself on.

Ethical Accreditation is decided on and awarded by looking at how the Environment, Animals and People are treated within a corporation, as well as how much the brand takes business ethics into account. Find out more about how we rate here.

Ethical Accreditation increases trust in a brand and acts as a certification for businesses to show that they adhere to an ethical standard. In order to improve its score, Grumpy Mule could change the statements of intent on its ‘About Us’ page to include some solid facts and figures, as well as release a statement on Genetically-Modified products, outlining if these are used in products. Publishing specific statements on the Environment and GM crops helps consumers and investors to hold brands to account.

If your coffee brand is ethical and sustainable, and could benefit from Ethical Accreditation from The Good Shopping Guide, get in touch or fill out a quick initial assessment form.

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