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Is Guylian an ethical chocolate brand?

Guylian is a Belgian chocolate brand produced by Lotte Corporation. Founded in 1958 by Guy Foubert, the brand has been owned by the Korean company Lotte Corporation since 2008. Guylian is well known for its recognisable seashell-shaped praline chocolates, but they also offer other products such as chocolate truffles.

The Good Shopping Guide unfortunately cannot consider Guylian as an ethical chocolate as it does not yet have a high enough score on our Ethical Chocolate Ratings Table.

If Guylian were to make some key improvements to its brand, it could apply for Ethical Accreditation. By applying for Ethical Accreditation, The Good Shopping Guide could provide Guylian with a detailed assessment and recommendations for ethical improvements.

The Ethical Chocolate Ratings Table shows how Guylian scores against other brands and can help you to learn more about what makes an Ethical Chocolate.

Where does Guylian score well for ethics?

Guylian has been partnered with Project Seahorse since 1998 which has allowed them a top score under Animal Welfare on our Ratings Table. Guylian generously donates 100,000s of Euros in unrestricted funds to Project Seahorse each year which has helped to allow them to meet its commitments and has led to joint outreach opportunities.

Additionally, Guylian receives top scores well for its Environmental Report. It has a dedicated page on its website about sustainability which also allows Guylian to receive a top score for Fairtrade. Guylian’s CEO states that the brand has “placed sustainability high” on its new agenda and is focussing on sustainability in the areas of Fairtrade, raw materials, packaging and CO2 emissions.
 Where does Guylian need to improve its ethical score? 
The Good Shopping Guide has given Guylian a bottom score under Vegetarian/Vegan as it does not produce any vegan chocolates. We hope that in the future Guylian will introduce vegan-friendly products so that its score can improve.

What would make Guylian ethical?

Guylian’s score on our Ethical Chocolate Ratings Table is the result of a calculation of multiple ethical criteria carried out by The Good Shopping Guide. To improve its score and meet our minimum ethical criteria Guylian needs to work on a few things. This includes its bottom score for Vegetarian/Vegan which can be combatted by introducing vegan-friendly chocolates. If Guylian were to work on its bottom scores, The Good Shopping Guide could confidently offer Guylian Ethical Accreditation and see its score rise on our Ethical Chocolate Ratings Table.

Why not get in contact to learn more about Ethical Accreditation or complete our initial assessment form if your ethical chocolate brand, company, or product could benefit from receiving an ethics and sustainability certification.

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