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How ethical is Hampstead?

Hampstead is a small Tea brand owned by Hampstead Tea & Coffee Ltd. and is one of The Good Shopping Guide’s top-rated ethical brands. The brand appears on The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Tea Ratings Table and passes our ethical benchmark to be considered an ethical brand.

Other companies in the Tea sector should be encouraged to look at how this brand acts and implement similar practices within its business. Visit The Good Shopping Guide to Ethical Tea to understand the importance that ethical practices have on the sector and compare it to other brands in our Ethical Tea Rating Table.

What does Hampstead do?

Hampstead was founded by Kiran Tawandey, and is a female-led, sustainable, organic tea brand. Hampstead tea produces a range of different tea products with almost all of them being plastic-free (plastic is present in some other teabags; bad for the Environment and not great for your health either!). It was one of the first products to achieve the Fairtrade mark in the late 1980s and the brand has a strong focus on ethical practices.

In what areas does Hampstead perform well? 

Hampstead performs well in the categories that we assess, such as Environmental Report. Hampstead has a page on its ethics, mentioning the environmental ethos behind the production of organic tea as well as the compostable plastic-free packaging. Considering Hampstead is a small business, this page contains a lot of information on the brand’s ethical commitments so therefore receives a top rating.

It produces 100% organic tea and has various organic certifications such as Soil Association, EU and USDA. Hampstead also produces some Fairtrade tea.

How could Hampstead rate higher on our Ethical Tea Ratings Tables?

Due to its high score, Hampstead is eligible for Ethical Accreditation from The Good Shopping Guide. The brand should consider Ethical Accreditation as this would award them with another certification so that customers can look at and quickly understand that the brand operates ethically. This certification of sustainability and ethics will increase customer confidence in the brand.

Hampstead could also improve its score further by ensuring that all of its products are Fairtrade, as well as organic.

Do you own or work for a tea brand? Does your ethical tea brand truly care about the Environment, Animals and People? Do you want to gain our prestigious Ethical Accreditation, and receive tailored advice on how to improve your business’ ethics? Appear on our Ethical Ratings Tables and cut through all the greenwash out there; consumers trust brands with a proven track record of consideration for sustainability and ethics. Get in touch or fill out our initial assessment form to start the process.

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