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Harry Specters

Is Harry Specters the most ethical and sustainable chocolate?

Harry Specters is a chocolate brand that is listed in The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Chocolate Ratings Table. Although Harry Specters has not yet met our ethical principles, we anticipate that the brand will improve in the future.

But there is still a lot of opportunity for ethical improvement. For Harry Specters, for instance, there aren’t any Fairtrade chocolate options currently available. Now more than ever, consumers know the benefits of using ingredients that have been responsibly harvested. Purchasing Fairtrade goods ensures that a fair salary is paid to all those involved in the production process, from start to finish.

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For which criteria does Harry Specters perform poorly? 

Harry Specters receives a bottom rating for Palm Oil Free, as the company uses palm oil in several of its products.

Additionally, the brand only receives a middle rating for Environmental Report, as it provides insufficient information on its ethical and environmental initiatives.

In what areas does Harry Specters score well for its ethics?

Harry Specters has achieved a top rating in the Public Record Criticisms category, as it has not been publicly criticised for any unethical environmental or human rights practices.

The brand was also awarded a top rating in the Ethical Innovator category, due to its commitment to improving the lives of autistic people through donating a portion of its sales to this cause.

How can Harry Specters improve its ethical rating?

The Good Shopping Guide looks at three main research criteria, Environment, People and Animals, to calculate a brand’s ethical rating. To find out more about our research methodology, see our How We Rate page.

Harry Specters could improve by including more detailed information on its website about its environmental commitments, which would improve its rating in the Environmental Report category. The brand should also look into producing Fairtrade chocolate to ensure that the cocoa farmers receive what they deserve.

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