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How ethical and sustainable is Jörd? 

Jörd is a vegan milk brand included in The Good Shopping Guide’s Vegan Milk Ethical Ratings Table. Jörd has not yet reached our ethical requirements, but we expect that the brand will make the necessary changes in the future to function as a more ethical and sustainable organisation. Jörd can boost consumer trust by applying for Ethical Accreditation; this process includes a more thorough investigation and suggestions for ethical growth.

More information about the importance of Organic plant milk may be found in The Good Shopping Guide to Ethical Vegan Milk. You can also use our Vegan Milk Ethical Ratings Table to compare Jörd to other plant milk brands.

What does Jörd do?

Jörd produces organic plant-based milk and it is the parent company Arla’s first ever plant-based brand. The brand debuted with a trio of ‘100% organic’ oat milks; however, these organic products have not yet been verified by an independent certification body such as the Soil Association. The brand was first launched in Denmark and in 2020 moved into the UK market.

For which criteria does Jörd perform poorly? 

Despite the progress made, there are still areas in which the brand might improve. Jörd receives a low rating for Organic products and Animal Welfare. Whilst the brand claims to sell organic milk, this only actually applies to the oats used and not the entire product. In 2018 Jörd’s parent company was revealed to have been abusing cows on one of its farms in Somerset. Arla also has no statement on if the brand uses GMOs in its products.

Past Criticisms of Jörd’s ethical record

Jörd was criticised in 2021 after its parent company Arla scored 14.8 out of 100 on its methane policy despite the rapid reductions needed to slow the rate of global warming. Read more on
this here.

Arla is also linked to the destruction of vast tracts of Brazilian forest after an ITV investigation.

In what areas does Jörd score well for its ethics?

Arla has a Sustainability Report which contains a lot of detail, progression data and a range of targets showing the brand is conscious of its efforts and is updating customers on what progress has been made. The brand also scored highly for having no links with any Nuclear issues, Fossil Fuel investments, Political Donations or armaments.

How can Jörd improve its Ethical Rating?

The Ethical Rating of a brand is calculated through three categories by The Good Shopping Guide: the Environment, People and Animals. Jörd should apply for Ethical Accreditation for more specific suggestions on how to improve.

Jörd might raise its rating and meet our minimum ethical standard by making the entirety of its milk organic and certified as much. The brand shoes also look in to its supply chain and ensure that there is no animal abuse going on within farms that it sources plant products from.

Why not check out The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation if you work for or with a vegan milk company that places ethics high on its priority list? Contact us to learn more,
or complete our short form for an initial evaluation of your brand’s ethics and sustainability policies.

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