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Is Lavera an ethical brand of make up?

Lavera, skincare, make up brand and beauty owned by Laverana GmbH & Co. KG, has been extensively researched by The Good Shopping Guide. The brand receives an excellent Good Shopping Guide ethical score in our Ethical Make Up Ratings Table and therefore passes our ethical benchmark as a good ethical brand. 

We encourage other companies in the Make Up sector to follow Lavera’s example and adopt more ethical policies and practices.

About Lavera

Lavera is a health, beauty, make up and skincare brand, based in Germany. This brand has a history of creating and formulating products for over 30 years. Its brand identity is centred around natural, gentle skincare and make up. Other products made by Lavera include skincare, sun protection, toothpastes, shampoos and conditioners. Thomas Haase, the founder, spent his time learning about natural active substances and read papers about traditional cosmetics throughout history, which didn’t use harsh chemicals.

In what areas does Lavera perform well?

Lavera performs well across all categories of our research, receiving good scores across our criteria for the Environment, Animals, and People. In particular, Lavera scores well for its dedication to creating environmental policies and initiatives. 

Lavera’s past key achievements include a ‘Reforestation’ project; reforesting trees in Germany to prevent water shortages, mitigate extreme weather and keep pests under control. The skincare industry is responsible for much environmental damage to trees and forests, through the use of palm oil, and so Lavera’s efforts to alleviate this are commendable. 

Lavera has also funded water purification projects in Kenya, Uganda and Malawi and places where clean water is not always readily available. Using simple and effective water purification technologies in South East Africa also reduces both carbon emissions, and the need to cut down wood, ordinarily used in the process of boiling and purifying water.

For this, Lavera also gets a good score for our Environment criteria.

To achieve our Ethical Accreditation Award, Lavera could publish a GM statement, so customers are informed about the ingredients and how they were grown. It should be noted that many of Lavera’s products are certified- Organic, so GM ingredients are unlikely to be found here. 

To find out more about Lavera, see its website.

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