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LK Bennett

How ethical and sustainable is LK Bennett? 

LK Bennett, owned by Byland UK Ltd and Ying Ling Kam Trading Co Ltd, has been ranked and researched by The Good Shopping Guide for its ethics and sustainability policies. Worn by celebs and royals, and made famous by Kate Middleton, LK Bennett has been in and out of administration over the years. You can see how LK Bennett ranks in comparison to other shoe and trainers brands on our Ethical Shoes and Trainers Ratings Table, and you can read more about the ethical issues faced by the Shoes and Trainers sector in our comprehensive research guide.

About LK Bennett

Luxury clothing company LK Bennett is situated in London, United Kingdom. The business sells ready-to-wear lines that include apparel, accessories, shoes, and handbags.

In Wimbledon Village, Linda Bennett opened the first LK Bennett store in 1990 with the intention of creating “something in-between the designer footwear you get on Bond Street and those on the high street.”

Bennett acquired the moniker “Queen of the Kitten Heel” as a result of the business’s success.

On March 7, 2019, the company entered into administration. Administrators shut down five locations, including two in London and stores in Sheffield, Bristol, and Liverpool, putting up to 500 jobs at danger. 325 jobs were preserved when LK Bennett was acquired out of administration on April 12.

Byland UK has now acquired LK Bennett.

Does LK Bennett make shoes with Sustainable Materials?

Unfortunately, none of LK Bennett’s shoes are made with sustainable materials. Read more about our Sustainable Material Ethical Ratings category in our methodology page.

LK Bennett has various Sustainability pages on its website. However, there are no targets, no evidence of environmental or sustainability progress, or much sufficient detail, so a bottom rating is given in this Ethical Ratings category.

Is LK Bennet Cruelty-Free?

This luxury shoe and fashion brand does mention responsible mohair usage in its website pages, but LK Bennett also mentions that it uses leather in its clothes and shoes, and there is no published policy on the animal welfare standards, for those animals involved in the leather-making process. There is not enough detail in LK Bennett’s Animal Welfare Policy, so a middle rating is given.

LK Bennett also stocks no certified- Vegan shoes.

Does LK Bennett have a satisfactory Code of Conduct?

The ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) base code and freely selected employment are mentioned in LK Bennett’s Modern Slavery Statement. However, a bottom rating has been given to LK Bennett because its Code of Conduct makes no mention of anything besides modern slavery, which does not necessarily protect the rights of all workers, but only stands against people trafficked into work and unpaid with wages.

How can LK Bennett increase its Ethical Rating?

This shoe brand could improve its Ethical Rating by increasing the detail in its various CSR-related policies, including its Code of Conduct, Animal Welfare Policy and Environmental Report. Additionally, applying for Ethical Accreditation could also improve its Ethical Rating, as more thorough and investigation research would be undertaken into its business practice.

If your shoe brand values ethics and sustainability, why not check out The Good Shopping Guide‘s Ethical Accreditation? Increase customer and investor confidence and stand out from the greenwash.

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