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Is MilkyWay an ethical chocolate?

MilkyWay is a chocolate owned and manufactured by Mars Inc. First introduced in 1923, MilkyWay is the oldest Mars Inc chocolate bar still around. MilkyWay bars consist of chocolate, nougat and caramel. Unfortunately, MilkyWay does not have a high enough score on The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Chocolate Ratings Table and as a result, cannot be classed as a brand which sells ethical chocolate.

As MilkyWay does not currently meet our ethical benchmark, we hope that it will reach it in the future by making some improvements. MilkyWay can apply for Ethical Accreditation which would allow The Good Shopping Guide the chance to make a further detailed assessment and recommendations for ethical improvements.

Our Ethical Chocolate Ratings Table shows how MilkyWay scores against other brands and can help you to learn more about Ethical Chocolate.
Which ethical criteria does Milky Way receive a top score for?

MilkyWay receives a top score on our Ratings Table for being suitable for vegetarians. MilkyWay does not yet produce vegan chocolate, but we hope it will introduce vegan products in the future.  MilkyWay receives a top score under Organic as its manufacturer Mars owns another brand, Seeds of Change, which produces food organically grown from seeds. To find out more about how we rate and rank brands, read through our methodology page.

MilkyWay also receives a top score for its manufacturer Mars’ Environmental Report. Mars has a dedicated page on its website all about a Healthy Planet where it shares details about
its goals for climate action, land use and sustainable packaging. Additionally, MilkyWay receives a top score for Armaments and Nuclear Power as there are no negative records.

 What does MilkyWay receive a bottom score for? 

MilkyWay receives a bottom score from The Good Shopping Guide for Public Record Criticisms. Mighty Earth recently revealed that leading chocolate brands including MilkyWay’s manufacturer Mars have not upheld their commitments to end deforestation in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. The report recommends that chocolate brands should actively play a role in the restoration of forests and commit to sourcing at least 50% of their cocoa from agroforestry.
MilkyWay receives a middle score for Fairtrade because other brands owned by Mars such as Maltesers offer Fairtrade chocolates. Hopefully, in the future, MilkyWay can itself introduce Fairtrade products and see its Fairtrade rating improve to a top score.

 What can MilkyWay do to become an Ethical Chocolate? 

MilkyWay’s score on The Ethical Chocolate Table is the result of a calculation carried out by The Good Shopping Guide which have considered multiple ethical criteria. To reach our minimum ethical benchmark, improve its score and qualify for Ethical Accreditation, MilkyWay first needs to resolve a few issues. This includes its bottom score for Public Record Criticisms around deforestation and its middle score for Fairtrade.

If MilkyWay were to work on these issues, The Good Shopping Guide would have the confidence to offer MilkyWay Ethical Accreditation for its chocolate and see its score rise on our Ethical Chocolate Table.

Why not get in contact to learn more about Ethical Accreditation or complete our initial assessment form if your ethical chocolate brand, company, or product could benefit from receiving an ethics and sustainability certification.

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