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How ethical is MOMA?

MOMA is one of The Good Shopping Guide’s highly-rated ethical plant-based milk brands In our Ethical Vegan Milk Ratings Table, the brand obtains an-above Benchmark Good Shopping Guide Ethical Score and thereby passes our ethical criteria and can be considered as a good ethical brand. We encourage other vegan milk companies to look at MOMA’s ethical practices and learn from these to operate more ethically. Visit The Good Shopping Guide to Ethical Vegan Milk for additional details regarding the value of organic milk.

Afterward, contrast it with other products in our table of Ethical Vegan Milk ratings.

What does MOMA do?

MOMA was founded in 2006 by Tom Mercer, the brand began by selling porridge using British oats. It has since ventured out into the plant-based milk sector with its oat milk hitting the shelves in March 2020 which then won multiple awards. Read more on the story of MOMA’s organic milk here. AG Barr Plc has acquired a large stake in the business and expects to have transitioned to full acquisition by 2025.

In what areas does MOMA perform well? 

MOMA receives a high rating for the majority of the criteria assessed by The Good Shopping Guide. The brand’s parent company, AG Barr Plc, has a Responsibility Report that contains a wide range of environmental targets focusing on carbon reduction, packaging, sustainable sourcing, and water and waste. The parent company also has a GM policy outlining that the company does not use any GMOs in its products.

How could MOMA rate higher on our Ethical Vegan Milk Ratings Tables? 

MOMA is eligible for Ethical Accreditation due to its high score. This Ethical Score is determined through three main research criteria and other sub-criteria: the Environment, Animals, and People within a company and how much the brand considers these in its business practices. Learn more about how we rate and research brand ethics here.

Ethical Accreditation can be used by a brand to boost customer trust and also serves as a certification for businesses to demonstrate that they operate to an ethical standard. MOMA could improve its ethical rating score further by clarifying if its products are certified-Organic, and if not, that MOMA is working toward offering Organic products.

If you work for a company that sells vegan milk, why not check out our Ethical Accreditation? Numerous brands have benefited from our Ethical Mark, sustainability certification, and corporate ethics consultancy. Get in touch with us to learn more about Ethical Accreditation for your vegan milk company, or complete an initial form for a rapid evaluation of your brand’s ethics and sustainability.

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Ethical Rating


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  • Armaments


  • Political Donations



  • Ethical Accreditation


  • Public Record Criticisms


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