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Monster Munch

How ethical and sustainable is Monster Munch? 

Monster Munch is included in The Good Shopping Guide‘s crisps Ethical Ratings Table. Monster Munch has yet to meet our ethical standards, but we believe that in the future, the brand will make the necessary changes to function as a more ethical organisation.

Are you interested in seeing how Monster Munch rates against other brands within the Ethical Crisps sector? Visit the Crisps Ethical Ratings Table. From The Good Shopping Guide’s Ratings Tables, you can learn more about the criteria that our top-rated brands have fulfilled.

What does Monster Munch do?

Monster Munch is a popular Crisp brand owned by PepsiCo, it was launched in the UK in 1977 and was initially called ‘The Prime Monster’ as a play on Prime Minister. The brand sells crisps in flavours such as Roast beef, Pickled onion and flamin’ hot. Monster Munch is one of Walkers many crisp brands.

For which criteria does Monster Munch perform poorly? 

Given that parent firm Pepsi declares that it utilises GM components in its products, Monster Munch receives a bad rating for its genetic modification policy. Due to Pepsi’s use of animal testing and millions in political contributions over recent U.S. election cycles, the brand also earned a bad score for Animal Welfare and Political Donations.

Monster Munch has also come under fire in the past because Pepsi was alleged to have bought palm oil from unethical and harmful sources. This, amongst many other ethical concerns, has resulted in a bottom rating for Public Record Criticisms and Public Record Criticisms+. The latter criterion is only given to brands that have been subject to several serious criticisms relating to their environmental and human rights practices.

In what areas does Monster Munch score well for its ethics?

High marks are given to Monster Munch for Environmental Report. The detailed 2025 goals listed in PepsiCo’s sustainability report are all freely accessible on the company’s website.

How can Monster Munch improve its ethical rating?

The Ethical rating of a brand is divided into three categories by The Good Shopping Guide: the Environment, People and Animals. Find out more about how we rate.

Are you curious about how obtaining Ethical Accreditation could be beneficial for your brand? Accredited brands can display The Good Shopping Guide mark, showcasing to consumers that it can be trusted as an ethical and sustainable brand. Visit our Ratings Tables to learn about which brands within the Ethical  Crisps sector have been awarded with our ethical certification.

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Ethical Rating


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  • Genetic Modification


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  • Nuclear Power


  • Fossil Fuels


  • Palm Oil Free



  • Animal Welfare


  • Vegetarian/Vegan Verified



  • Armaments


  • Political Donations



  • Ethical Accreditation


  • Public Record Criticisms


  • Public Record Criticisms+


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