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More Than

How ethical and sustainable is More Than?
More Than (also sometimes known as More Th>n) is a brand of insurance ethically rated by The Good Shopping Guide. This brand scores above our Ethical Benchmark for this category. More Than also ranks in the top half of brands in the majority of our categories, the exceptions being Responsible Investment Policy, Political Donations and Ethical Accreditation.

We encourage all brands appearing on our Ethical Insurance Ratings Table to look to More Than’s policies of ethics and sustainability. For further reading on Ethical Insurance and the many issues faced by the sector, see our full article on Ethical Insurance.

If More Than proposed they should be awarded Ethical Accreditation, we would be more willing to look into awarding it that status. By doing this More Than would be joining The Good Shopping Guide Ethically Accredited Brand group that so many shoppers trust and support.

What is More Than and what does it do?
More Than was launched as a subsidiary of Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA) in 2001. Royal & Sun Alliance was formed in 1996, following the merger of Royal Insurance and Sun Alliance. The insurance group set aside £20 million in order to create the new More Than brand. Since its inception, the company has focused on developing small service teams to care for customers in a more personal way. The company also changed the way its call centres functioned by removing scripts, thus enabling claims handlers to actually talk to customers, and encouraged call centre staff to recommend suppliers from the More Than network in order to resolve a problem.

Where does More Than score well as a brand ethically?

More Than scores in the top percent of brands in most of our assessment categories such as Environmental Destruction and Irresponsible Lending. This is particularly encouraging to see from an insurance brand, as other brands on the Ethical Insurance Ratings Table have not scored well in these research categories.

How can More Than improve its ethical rating?
The Good Shopping Guide uses a plethora of criteria to determine if a brand is considered ethical and suitable for Ethical Accreditation. More Than’s scores in each of its assessed areas are calculated based on these criteria. In order to improve its Ethical Rating, the brand can submit itself for Ethical Accreditation and gain that status. As well as this, the brand could work to rank higher within our category of Responsible Investment Policy and follow in the footsteps of other high ranking brands such as ETA.

Ethical Insurance Certifications of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and Ethics

If you work with or manage an Ethical Insurance company, you can contact us about gaining Ethical Accreditation and certification for your brand by filling out an Initial Sustainability & Ethics form. This quick form gets your certification process started. Get in touch with us if you have more questions about what Ethical Accreditation can do for your business.

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