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Is No7 an ethical brand?

No7 is a make up brand owned by conglomerate Walgreens Boots Alliance. It receives a poor Good Shopping Guide score on our Ethical Make Up Ratings Table. No7 has many issues to address and should change its business activities in order to reach our ethical benchmark and achieve Ethical Accreditation. The fact that No7 is owned by the notorious and large corporation, Walgreens Boots Alliance is largely to blame for the company’s unethical business practices.

You can learn more about the ethical issues facing the Make Up sector in our in-depth industry analysis.

About No7

No7 is a beauty line of skincare, cosmetic, and anti-aging products created by Boots in the UK. Boots introduced the No7 brand in 1935 with a lineup of eleven skincare goods and added additional cosmetics in 1937. The brand has had eight redesigns since its launch. Boots increased its selection in 2007 to include body care items, foundation, creams, and men’s skincare.

The brand’s owner, Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA), debuted No7 as a stand-alone brand in 2021.

 Is No7 Cruelty-Free? 

Though No7 states that it is against animal testing and that none of its products is sold in-store in mainland China, parent brand, Walgreens Boots Alliance has released slightly vague a statement on animal testing. The brand ascertains that “[n]o animal testing is undertaken by Walgreens Boots Alliance… [f]or our own product brands”, and that the company does not “conduct animal testing on products, or on ingredients used in these products.” However, Walgreens Boots Alliance has claimed that it cannot guarantee the other brands from which it purchases products or which it owns.

Walgreens Boots Alliance has released this statement, “[u]ntil satisfactory replacements are available and all regulatory authorities stop requiring animal tests, we recognize [sic] that other companies may continue to carry out some animal testing in order to meet certain legislative and regulatory requirements and to protect the health of consumers. As a result, suppliers of ingredients, components and finished goods used in Walgreens Boots Alliance may have to or continue to carry out tests on animals.

Because of this, customers who are worried about animal welfare may wish to avoid No7, as the parent company’s policies imply that some of its products have undergone animal testing.

Are No7 cosmetics vegan? 

No7 products are not all vegan and some contain animal products, such as lanolin, which is a waxy secretion from sheep. Beeswax, carmine and silk are also amongst the animal-derived ingredients found in No7 products.

Does Walgreens Boots Alliance donate to political parties?

Yes, Walgreens Boots Alliance has made Political Donations. Any pharmaceutical or drug-related company that has political sway can greatly influence government policy, sometimes against the best interests of public health.

Walgreens Boots Alliance and the opioid epidemic in the US

According to one federal court case, Walgreens Boots Alliance was one of the major pharmaceutical companies charged with fuelling the US opioid epidemic. The court filing in May 2020 reported that pharmacies including Walgreens were as complicit in continuing the crisis as the manufacturers of the addictive drugs.  According to the complaint lodged in federal court, these retailers sold millions of pills in small communities and incentivised selling large amounts of opioids by providing bonuses for pharmacists who filled out a lot of prescriptions. Walgreens was also accused of collaborating directly with drug manufacturers to promote opioids as safe and effective. 

Is No7 a sustainable brand?

The Environmental Report supplied by Walgreen Boots Alliance, the parent company of No7, is rated as satisfactory by The Good Shopping Guide, and therefore receives a high score for this research criterion.

In this report, Walgreens Boots Alliance track where its carbon emissions are coming from (e.g. from transport, manufacturing, heat, and light, etc) and provides evidence of steadily reducing carbon emissions. 

How can No7 improve its ethical rating?

The Good Shopping Guide assesses No7’s score using 15 ethical criteria. For No7 to improve its score, it must several unethical business practices, such as Walgreens Boots Alliance’s Irresponsible Marketing of opioids and its vague Animal Welfare policies and statement. Then No7 might one day attain The Good Shopping Guide’s benchmark and even Ethical Accreditation!

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