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Is Philips an ethical televisions brand?

Owned by Royal Philips N.V., Phillips is an above benchmark brand within the Ethical Televisions sector.

As it already meets The Good Shopping Guide’s minimum Ethical Benchmark, Philips can apply for Ethical Accreditation. Before awarding it with our logo, we would give Philips an assessment and some tips on how it could achieve an even higher score.

To see how other brands within the Ethical Televisions sector rate against Philips, visit the Televisions Ethical Ratings Table.

Our Ratings Table can help you to find out more about the criteria that a brand has to reach so that it is able to meet our minimum Ethical Benchmark.

The Good Shopping Guide recommends that all companies follow in the footsteps of our top-rated brands to adopt more ethical practices and apply for Ethical Accreditation.

What does Philips receive a top rating for?

As a top rated brand, Philips receives many high scores. The Good Shopping Guide is specifically impressed with Philip’s score for our Environmental Report category.

Philips has an Annual Report with an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) section. This section contains several targets for 2025 in areas such as waste, circular economy and renewable energy.

What does Philips receive a bottom score for?

Unfortunately, Philips has some bottom scores to work on, including a bottom score for our Eco Labels category.

On the Energy Star website, (a site which considers the energy efficiency of products) some items are listed under the Philips brand. However, these products do not appear to exist on the Philips website or any major stores so it appears that this information is out of date.

What can Philips do to improve its score? 

Philips’ high score within The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Televisions sector is the outcome of a calculation of multiple ethical criteria.

If Philips were to improve on its bottom score for Eco Labels, it could see its position rise even further on the Televisions Ethical Ratings Table.

As Philips already meets our minimum Ethical Benchmark, it could apply for Ethical Accreditation where it would be awarded with our logo.

Could your Televisions brand benefit from Ethical Accreditation? Check out The Good Shopping Guide’s Ratings Tables to see which other brands within the Ethical Televisions sector have received our logo. If you would like more information on Ethical Accreditation, please contact us or fill out a rapid initial assessment form to begin the process of improving your ESG/ CSR targets.

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Ethical Rating


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  • Animal Welfare



  • Armaments


  • Code of Conduct


  • Political Donations


  • Human Rights


  • Conflict Minerals



  • Ethical Accreditation


  • Other Criticisms


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